APCNews 171 – Cyber-surveillance and anonymity online, 2011 annual report – 27/08/12

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2011 in review: APC Annual Report

JOHANNESBURG (APC for APC) – APC’s work in 2011 was flavoured with many new challenges. Huge political shifts around the world brought new meaning to our work and placed internet rights and its various forms at the centre of it. Join us, as we review the challenges and successes we faced throughout the year.  More >

Moving beyond the tool: ICTs in the Sustainable Development Discussion at Rio+20

WINNIPEG (Shawna Finnegan and Lisa Cyr for International Institute for Sustainable Development ) – Though Rio has a long history with ICTs, dating back to the original Earth Summit in 1990 when APC set up “communications centres” for the UN, there was very little reflection at the summit 20 years later.APC’s Shawna Finnegan and Lisa Cyr report on their observations at the conference. More >

Macedonians under high (cyber) surveillance

SKOPJE (FD for APCNews) – Skopje is not exactly a landmark for free thinkers, social critics and other kinds of independent folks. However, that does not mean that discordant voices do not make themselves heard. A chronicle of media resistance in Macedonia.  More >

New regulation threatens anonymity on the internet in Ecuador

NEW YORK (AL for APCNews) – The people of Ecuador are working together to get the government to change a new regulation that will allow the state to collect users' personal data without a warrant.  More >

Impact 2.0: New research on the use of web 2.0 for development

MONTEVIDEO (Fundación Comunica for APCNews) – New research in suggests that web 2.0 and online social networking were most used to connect research and policy in public awareness campaigns. Coordinated by Fundación Comunica, and supported by APC and IDRC looks at twelve projects in Latin America. More >

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