APCNews 170 – 'Green' your life, connect your rights and travel to South Sudan – 13/08/12

APCNews – August 13 2012 – Year XII Issue 170
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

New tip sheets help users “green” their use of technology

LONDON (GreenNet for APCNews) – GreenNet has compiled a series 5 at-a-glance tip sheets to help everyday users and IT professionals use computers in a more sustainable way. Each sheet focuses on a different issue, like purchasing or disposing electronics, and more. We hope you’ll find them useful.

Freedom of peaceful assembly and freedom of association and the internet

GIESSEN (Alex Comninos for APC) – Campaigning through websites, microblogging and other uses of technology help increase the membership and reach of associations, provide powerful ways to organise peaceful assemblies. This issue paper by Alex Comninos sheds a new light on how the internet impacts the exercise of the right to freedom of association and freedom of assembly.

South Sudan: The #OSJUBA event stresses early moves by net activists

JUBA (FD for APCNews) – Imagine a city torn by war, overwhelmed with daily influx of people from the countryside, becoming the capital of a country from one day to the next. And then picture crazy computer people ruffled together in an abandoned supermarket, thousands of kilometres away, in another city, trying to fix the first city. These two images put together are called #OSJUBA.

A practical guide to sustainable IT

JOHANNESBURG (Paul Mobbs for APC) – This practical guide by Paul Mobbs offers a detailed, “hands-on” introduction to thinking about sustainable computing holistically; from make buying technology, through to the software and peripherals you use; how you store and work with information, manage your security, save power, and maintain and dispose of your old hardware, etc.



Consultation on ICT sector discussion paper – Submission to the Institute for Human Rights and Business

Who controls the Internet? Final statement of the Pan African Civil Society Workshop

GISWatch 2011 in your hands!
The Global Information Society Watch 2011 is now available in online bookstores and in “ebook version” for free.


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