APCNews 163 – APC's roots in sustainable development – 07/05/12

APCNews – May 07 2012 – Year XII Issue 163
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

APC goes back to its roots: ICTs and the environment at the heart of APC’s work

CALGARY (LC for APCNews) – The environment has been at the heart of the work of many APC members and began its work on the GreeningIT project in 2008. APC talks to Alan Finlay, project coordinator for GreenigIT, about APC’s work in the area of ICTs and the environment.

Nancy Hafkin inducted into Internet Hall of Fame

MONTREAL (MK for APCNews) – On Tuesday April 25, Dr. Nancy J. Hafkin and 32 others were inducted into the Internet Hall of Fame. Dr. Hafkin was awarded the title of Global Connector for helping to spread internet use in Africa over the course of a twenty-three year career as “a pioneer and innovator in the area ofnetworking, development information, and electronic communications.”

WSIS Forum 2012: TV White Spaces on the agenda

PERGAMINO (FF for APCNews) – From 14-18 May Geneva will be hosting the WSISForum 2012, where the Association for Progressive Communications has organised two thematic workshops on May 17th, one of them under the subject Television White Spaces.



Job posting: Privacy International seeks Head of International Advocacy

Poland: Acting Together Against ACTA

Women and ICTs

Critically absent: Advocacy tool kit for women in internet governance
EROTICS findings: Sex, rights and the internet
Advocacy paper: Tech-related violence against women
Executive summary: http://www.apc.org/en/node/14235/
Full paper: http://www.apc.org/en/node/14236/


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