APCNews 160 – The internet and society, economy, politics, and culture – 26/03/12

APCNews – March 26 2012 – Year XII Issue 159
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

Global Information Society Watch: Mapping internet rights and freedom of expression

LONDON (David Souter for APC) – The intersection between the internet and human rights is increasingly important as the internet is beginning to affect more aspects of society, economy, politics and culture. This report maps this intersection and raises a number of questions to be considered by those concerned with internet, rights and wider public policy.

APC submission to the special rapporteur on freedom of association and peaceful assembly

OTTAWA (APC for APCNews) – APC welcomes the report of the UN Special Rapporteur on the rights to peaceful assembly and association and makes recommendations for how these rights can be promoted and protected online.

Computer Aid launches new e-waste partnership in Kenya

LONDON (Computer Aid) – As part of its ongoing work in reducing the environmental impacts of end-of-life ICTs, Computer Aid International has partnered with the WEEE Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, which provides e-waste management in the country and region. Together, they will provide training and help develop computer recycling facilities throughout Africa.

The five activist functions of technology and #Riots

SOUTH AFRICA (Women’s Net) – Mary C Joyce of the Meta-Activism project summarizes in a recent blog post the key functions of technology for activist purposes: to shape public opinion, plan an action, protect activists, share a call to action and take action digitally.



Freedom of expression, rights and the internet

APC’s role at the UN Human Rights Council

“The Universal Periodic Review explained”: http://www.apc.org/en/node/13273/

“Mapping internet rights FOE and democracy”: http://www.giswatch.org/mapping-democracy/freedom-expression/mapping-int...

FOE on the internet – implications for foreign policy”: http://www.giswatch.org/en/freedom-expression/freedom-expression-interne...

“Internet rights and democratisation: 2011 report”: http://www.giswatch.org/en/2011


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