APCNews 145 – New research on sexuality & internet – 11/07/11

APCNews 145 – New research on sexuality & internet – 11/07/11

APCNews – July 11 2011 – Year XI Issue 145
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development

EroTICs raises fascinating questions about sex and the internet, say experts

OTTAWA (GJ for GenderIT.org) – APC’s two-year research into sexuality and the internet reveals that contrary to popular opinion sexuality online is about much more than porn. As the EroTICs research (http://www.apc.org/fr/node/7949/) is about to publish its complete findings next month, experts Clarissa Smith, Katharine Sarikakis and Pramada Menon critique.

Sexual minorities marginalised in internet policy debates in Brazil

ROSARIO – (FF for GenderIT.org) The EroTICs research (http://www.apc.org/fr/node/7949/) team in Brazil studied the complex relationship between sexual minorities and internet policy. Their findings show that these groups were routinely ignored in debates surrounding internet regulation.

Sex rights activists organise in secret on the net

UGANDA – (Esther Nasikye for GenderIT.org) For years sexual rights activists in repressive societies have been using the internet as a means to communicate, organise and express their sexuality without fear of persecution. Thanks to EroTICs (http://www.apc.org/fr/node/7949/), this vibrant ecosystem of human connections is being studied for the first time.

Sexuality online in Lebanon and USA: Censorship is not the answer

PHILIPPINES – (Mavic Cabrera-Balleza for GenderIT.org) Controlling — or filtering — what people can and can’t see online related to sex however well intentioned can have a profoundly negative impact. Censorship affects not only sexual expression but blocks access to sexual education and important movement-building tools for LGBTI activists.



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