APC Workshop at CIVICUS Global Assembly

Date and time: 
Sep 10 2011 - Sep 12 2011
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Take Back the Tech!


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The CIVICUS Global Assembly will focus on the essential role of civil society in global decision-making. As the complex connections between the myriad concerns of citizens around the world become ever more apparent, it is clear that tackling these challenges – from climate change and development effectiveness to food security, structural poverty, chronic unemployment, human rights and international governance – requires collaboration on an unprecedented scale. The role of ICTs has been highlighted as a central theme in this year´s CIVICUS Assembly. APC WNSP´s Take Back the Tech! is partnering with TBTT campaigner Valentina Pellizzer of OWPSEE and Global Movement for Children with a workshop entitled “Collective wisdom: using ICTs to build new knowledge and solutions for social change”.

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One World Platform
Quebec, Montreal, Canada

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