APCNews 143 – Internet rights are human rights, digital migration, digital stories – 13/06/11


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Egypt: Court fines Mubarak and Vodafone for communications blackouts

GISWatch 2010 report cover

MONTEVIDEO (APC for APCNews) - APC welcomes the recent ruling of an Egyptian court that fined former president Mubarak and two of his aides $90 million for cutting internet and cell phones communications during the Egyptian revolution earlier this year.  More>


New research on digital migration in West Africa offers solutions

JOHANNESBURG (APC) - African countries committed to migrating from analogue to digital broadcasting by 2015 – but migration won't be easy or cheap. Findings provide the data and tools for broadcasters and regulators to make informed decisions. More>

Connect your rights! Internet rights are human rights

MONTEVIDEO (AL for APCNews) - With our coverage of APC's event on human rights and the internet at the Human Rights Council in Geneva earlier this month, we've launched a new web space. Find all our content related to these issues in one place. More>

Equal access to the internet can counter discrimination against women, says UN report

KUALA LUMPUR (JK for GenderIT.org) - Efforts to mitigate violence against women online can backfire explains a report presented at the UN Human Rights Council. APC covered women's issues and the internet at the HRC in a special edition of the policy and gender bulletin GenderIT.org. More>

Out of the shadows: Filipino youth survivors of violence transform the personal into the digital

MANILA (Ava Vivian Gonzales for APC) – The narrator of “The Shape of My Youth” recalls how two years previously, a relative sold her for US$ 23. She was just 12. But this and other digital stories produced by a group of young Filipinos are not just stories of betrayal – they are also stories of hope.More>

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Connect your rights!
Internet rights are human rights

Human rights are for people not PCs, say APC's Joy Liddicoat

APC event at the UN Human rights council
Watch the video

New research on digital migration in West Africa
Why is APC doing this research?
Intro to the issues, challenges & benefits
Overview of strategies including state of play in the 16 West African nations
New research on Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal [in French]

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