APCNews 142 – Pakistan internet ban? – 23/05/11


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BREAKING NEWS FROM APC: Social networking sites face ban in Pakistan

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MONTEVIDEO (APC) - A new ruling by the Lahore High Court may result in a total ban of social media in Pakistan reports APC. Critics condemn the ban as unnecessary, unjust and ultimately counterproductive.  More>


UN Human Rights Council: APC co-organises event on the internet

MONTEVIDEO (APC for APCNews) - As part of APC's Connect your rights! Internet Rights are Human Rights campaign, APC is co-hosting a side-event at the Human Rights Council's seventeenth session in Geneva on June 3. More>

Internet rights are human rights, claims APC before the Human Rights Council

GENEVA (APC) - APC calls on states to repeal laws which criminalise online freedom of expression and to cease interference with freedom of expression by means of content control, filtering, surveillance or other interference with privacy by means which violate international human rights standards. More>

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Connect your rights!
Internet rights are human rights

Human rights are for people not PCs, say APC's Joy Liddicoat

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