APCNews 139 – Africa digital migration, new APC board – 11/04/11


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APCNewsApril 11 2011 – Year XI Issue 139 • In most African countries TV broadcasting and telecommunications are treated as separate, vertical markets. But digital convergence means that telecoms operators have become involved in broadcasting and broadcasters are looking at how they can deliver internet and voice services. Kenya launched Africa’s first real “triple-play” offer -- where customers pay for a package including television, telephone and internet-- but in most countries till now the two sectors have been regulated separately. Digital migration is also a key moment to promote local content production in a continent where up to 90% of TV programming is made by non-African producers. A new site from APC and Balancing Act provides African policy-makers, regulators, broadcasters and civil society organisations with information on the benefits and challenges related to digital migration and reports on the experience of Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal (in french).

New website helps transition to digital broadcasting in AfricaGISWatch 2010 report cover

JOHANNESBURG (APC and Balancing Act for APC) - African countries have committed to migrating to digital broadcasting by June 2015. It will be a costly process and it is not clear who will benefit -- or where the resources needed to make the transition will come from. A new website provides independent information for policy-makers about making the transition and reports on digital migration in Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal.  More>

Worldwide membership elects new APC board

PANGLAO ISLAND (KAH for APCNews) -- APC members elected a new board of directors for the world's oldest online network during a ballot at the eleventh face-to-face APC council meeting on March 20.  More>

I Can Stalk U - Raising awareness about inadvertent information-sharing

OTTAWA (GJ for APC) –  The aptly named icanstalku.com attempts to expose the dangers inherent in posting information -- in this case pictures -- online in a rather unconventional way: the site regularly updates its news feed with individuals' user names and locations, all gleaned from photos posted to Twitter. More>

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