GISW Information Dissemination Report for 2008-2010

Our dissemination strategy since 2007 has included the production of a paper back book in English and dissemination of an online version of GISW which includes both web pages (html) and downloadable PDF files of the entire book and individual reports. Almost online 400,000 pages have been accessed since January 2008. The paper version of the book is promoted and distributed at events where APC and Hivos network. There has been a launch of the book at the Internet Governance Forum for three years which has visibilised the book to a broad international community. Experts in the thematic field are asked for their critiques of the book which are published online and use in promotional materials.

The book has be translated into French twice and sections relevant to Latin America have been translated and promoted in APC´s Spanish resources. Some media liaison has been carried out primarily around the English version. The power of the network has yet to be exploited though a series of surveys have recently been carried out with network members and which we expect to give results in the future. In 2010 the communications team has been focusing on production of the French and Spanish 2009 digital publications and planning for the revamped website. However there are plans to craft a dissemination strategy including working with our network of authors to improve dissemination and outreach including on social networking platforms.

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