APCNews 130 - Surveillance in Europe, new green ICT resource - 10/11/10

APCNews – October 11 2010 – Year XI Issue 130
The news service on ICTs for social justice and sustainable development
The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) of Canada is one of APC’s earliest and most visionary supporters. They encouraged us to develop the Gender Evaluation Methodology (GEM) which is a remarkable evaluation tool to promote women’s equality in technology projects and others. IDRC also supported our two transcontinental community wireless initiatives at a time when wireless internet connectivity was less widely known. IDRC has always understood the importance of ICT for development —well before many others— and we value our peer-to-peer relationship with them immensely. In 2009 they supported us in the consolidation of an ICT and environmental sustainability network which will likely become a fourth APC programme in 2011. This new network — based in Bulgaria, Egypt and Nigeria to name just a few of the countries involved— now launches a collection of resources on GreeningIT initiatives.


Willie Currie leaves APC for South African regulator

MONTEVIDEO (KAH for APCNews) – On October 1 APC´s former policy manager was sworn in as a councillor at the South African telecoms regulator ICASA after being nominated by civil society and private sector associations. So how does Willie feel about leaving APC after seven years heading up our policy programme? In this interview Willie talks about how the internet policy landscape has changed since he joined APC and what he´ll miss most.

Could you be a cyber-terrorist? Avoid becoming “collateral damage”

BARCELONA (Pangea for APC) – Daniel is a photographer who lives in Europe. He works for a magazine and has recently travelled to Pakistan and the United States to illustrate an article about the architecture of mosques. When he gets home he is arrested – because his internet profile matches that of a cyber terrorist. How could it happen? And could it happen to you?

Greening the internet and your life: Over 100 resources

SOFIA (Evgenia Tasheva for APCNews) – An online calculator of global CO2 savings from the use of IT services instead of flying and commuting; energy saving tips for your computer; websites on environmental activism, indicators and research. This is what you’ll find in APC’s new GreeningIT directory which has more than 100 links to existing sustainable information and communication technology (ICT) tools, practices and initiatives where ICTs, climate change and environmental sustainability meet.

JOB OPPORTUNITY: APC consulting services coordinator

JOHANNESBURG (APC for APC) – APC is looking a creative and results-driven consulting services coordinator. He or she will be responsible for developing and managing consultancy services that will contribute to implementing APC’s strategic plan and delivering its mission. The area of consulting services that APC would like to develop first is capacity building in gender evaluation. Deadline for applications is Sunday 31 October.


Small grants, big differences
New book on funding rural women and ICT

New APC annual report


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