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APCNews – September 06 2010 – Year XI Issue 128 • The APC Annual Report 2009 has just been published and this year returns to a special section containing highlights from APC´s fifty members around the world, 80% of whom are from developing countries. Many of the stories like Bytes For All's fight against internet censorship in Pakistan have been featured in APCNews but others such as Sula Batsu's work with Costa Rican children to make board games and so recover part of their community's history have not. You can download the APC Annual Report 2009 in English, Spanish or French.

Françoise Mkuku shows a friend how to use Bluetooth

APC Annual Report 2009: Highlights from 2009, by APC

MONTEVIDEO (APC) - In November 2009, the Dominican Republic became the first Latin American country to pledge to include a ‘gender perspective’ – considering the distinct needs of men and women— in every technology initiative and policy developed by the government. The tool the Dominicans chose to design and evaluate their progress from now on is the APC Gender Evaluation Methodology. This is one of the achievements that APC, the world´s oldest online progressive network, outlines in our latest annual report. More >

APC at the Fifth Internet Governance Forum

MONTEVIDEO (APCNews) - APC staff and members will be in Vilnius, Lithuania, for the fifth meeting of the Internet Governance Forum. We'll be running two workshops and hosting a pre-event on human rights. Here's a quick review of our activities. We'll be providing on-site coverage for those of you following the IGF remotely. More >

Internet Governance Forum 2010: Pre-event on human rights

MONTREAL (Chad Lubelsky for APC) – Attempts to get human rights on the internet onto the agenda at the Fifth Internet Governance Forum – the UN conference now in its possibly final edition -- which is to take place in September foundered in the face of government resistance. And the IGF agenda for 2010 will focus on development and internet governance. However Vilnius will be the scenario to shape a debate on censorship, freedom of expression and privacy that has been clamouring for attention. APC and partners will hold a discussion on internet governance and human rights immediately before the IGF in Vilnius, Lithuania on September 13. More >

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