MDG3 Communications Strategy

In 2009, the APC WNSP began implementing the ‘Strengthening Women’s Strategic Use of ICTs to Combat Violence Against Women and Girls’ project in 12 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, with a grant received from the MDG3 Fund: Investing in Equality. The simplified project title: ‘Take Back the Tech. End Violence Against Women’ captures the core objectives of the project to:

build and strengthen the capacity of women, girls and women’s rights organisations to use, reclaim and shape ICTs to stop violence against women and girls

create platforms and opportunities for women and girls to critically engage with ICTs to combat violence, and as survivors of violence, to contribute towards self and collective healing

build feminist analysis, particularly around the intersections of violence against women and ICT into global, regional and national ICT policy processes

Objective of the communications strategy

Build the visibility of the Take Back the Tech! End violence against women project through the production and dissemination of content and media outreach.

Specific goals
1.Document or repackage information about the project and its activities for a general public – eg journalistic and easy to read content, highlighting project activities, news and feature stories, useful examples.
2.Produce timely news articles and press releases on newsworthy activities
3.Secure media coverage for the project (regionally and/or internationally) and provide advice to country partners locally


  • Policy-makers (who are looking at their MDG3 results for 2015)
  • Journalists and media (to influence policy debate)
  • Women’s and girls’ rights groups (motivating them to get interested in VAW and ICTs – WNSP needs to use the legitimacy of being first of all women’s rights activists)

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