A Better Connection – Community Networks @ IGF 2016 28 November 2016 APC and ISOC for APCNews

5-11 December 2016 This year at the IGF a variety of activities are being held to raise awareness of community networking models and there are a number of events that relate closely to the topic. We have assembled them here to help those who want to attend some if not all of them. You can also down...

GreenNet: 30 years making internet history
GreenNet: 30 years making internet history 09 November 2016 Leila Nachawati Rego for APCNews

Edward Maw fron GreenNet and Karen Banks from APC in Sarajevo, 19 October 2016. The APC European members meeting that took place on 19-20 October 2016 in Sarajevo was the perfect venue for Leila Nachawati Rego from APCNews to meet Edward Maw and Karen Banks from GreenNet, one of APC’s founders...