High performance: New report on low-cost, low-power computers

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UNITED KINGDOM, United Kingdom, 30 July 2009 (Computer Aid International)

According to the UN, access to electricity is extremely low in some areas of African countries like Kenya, where only 3 people out of 20 have power. Schools in rural areas generally have no access to a reliable power source, and other alternatives such as diesel or solar panels are an expensive alternative, and therefore not ideal for IT. In an attempt to provide pragmatic and adapted computing solutions in areas where electricity remains a challenge, Computer Aid International set out to identify what computer solutions were available and appropriate to rural African settings. Read the Computer Aid report on the five top-scoring low-cost, low-power computers or read more about it in an “online review by ZDNet”:http://reviews.zdnet.co.uk/hardware/0,1000000323,39363065,00.htm.

Full article at http://www.computeraid.org/pdffiles/Report%20on%20Low-Power%20PC%20Research%20Project%20April%202009.pdf


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