PROTEGE QV, which stands for Promotion of Technologies that Guarantee Environment and a better Quality of Life, is a Cameroonian non-governmental organisation created in 1995.

PROTEGE QV aims to promote individual and collective initiatives to foster rural development, to protect the environment and to improve the well-being of the community.

PROTEGE QV became member of APC in March 2007 and accordingly, we believe in the power of ICT to give equal access to information as one of the main strategies to fight against poverty.

We use information in the form of group discussions, documents, publications and exhibitions, trainings (through workshops), and research as vectors to implement our projects. PROTEGE QV’s activities are grouped in four programmes: Leadership, Environment, Micro-enterprise and ICT4D.

APC member since 2007

Topic areas of expertise:
  • Access to information


P.O. Box 31094

Tel: +237 222 318 546

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