Media Matters for Democracy (MMfD)

Media Matters for Democracy, MMfD is a young Islamabad based non profit. MMfD has been formed on the vision and the belief that a liberal, professional media industry is the cornerstone of a progressive, democratic society. We strive for an inclusive, democratic media industry that is tech-friendly, progressive diverse, professional and secure. Media development in Pakistan is the main premise of Media Matters for Democracy. We undertake policy research and advocacy for better media regulation in Pakistan. We work for the acceptance and integration of digital media technologies and work towards creating sustainable citizen journalism initiatives in the country. Our work is focused on three key areas; policy advocacy through evidence building and generation of public debate, data and digital journalism and inclusion of citizen voices.

MMfD’s program areas include;

1. Freedom of [online and offline] Expression

This program is the foundation of MMfD. The program works on policy and practical levels and includes initiatives related to; a. Journalist security – MMfD is working with Pakistan Coalition on Media Safety, PCOMS and UNESCO on advocacy around media workers’ safety bill and ending impunity, b. Media regulation – MMfD is working to create awareness around media regulation, specially the regulation of electronic media in Pakistan and c. Internet governance – MMfD is one of the few organisations working on progressive and pro rights internet regulation policies

2. Media Development

This program aims to strengthen the media industry by building its credibility and capacity and includes initiatives on a. Ethical and Professional media – Under this program area we have conducted research into media economy and media content and b. ICTs and journalism – Under this program we are working on initiatives to bring technology to the media industry.

3. Gender and Media

The Gender and Media Program at MMfD seeks to improve the gender balance in the media industry and within media content. The program works on three areas including; a. Women in Media – This is a cross cutting program and seeks to ensure that women journalists remain beneficiaries in all of MMfD’s projects. The program area is trying to document the challenges and to seek solutions for empower women in media, b. Women voices in media – This is also a cross cutting theme across MMfD’s initiatives. We seek to ensure gender balance in all we produce on our own and are also working on producing evidence that highlights the existing gender gap within media content and Women Empowerment Online – Under this program, we seek to empower women to have their say online without fearing harassment of abuse.

APC member since 2015

Topic areas of expertise:
  • Access to information,
  • Freedom of expression,
  • Gender & ICTs,
  • Media & ICTs






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