Fundación REDES para el Desarrollo Sostenible

Our work aims to articulate the visions of producers and claimants of information, social media, training and research with a comprehensive and transdisciplinary approach.
Redes proposes to contribute to the building of the information society through the formation of a national awareness on the importance of sustainable development, based on ethical principles and values that will ensure freedom, solidarity, coexistence in democracy and the respect of differences.

APC member since 2015

Topic areas of expertise:


Street address: Avenida José Aguirre Achá, Calle 1, Dpto. 101 Zona Los Pinos
Postal address 14533
City/town: La Paz
State/province/other: Murillo
Country: Bolivia
Telephone: 591- 2- 2790066
Fax: 591-2-2790066
Email Address: eduardo AT info AT

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