Language guidelines

A space for APC’s translators, editors and writers.

APC editorial policy

Our editorial policy establishes the focus of interest, values, language and other standards that information produced by the APC must follow. Available in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.

APC glossary

The APC glossary is a work-in-progress one. All the terms that are in the glossary appear highlighted throughout the website, with a link to its definition. So it’s a tool both for language workers (all translators and editors are expected to consult it) and for the general public. If you feel that a new term should be added, please write to

APC house style guide: English, Spanish, French and Portuguese

These guidelines must be followed when writing and editing for APC.

If you think that something is missing or needs some adjustments/modifications please write to

APC reference guide

A thorough list of reference types and how to use them in APC publications. Download it here.

Writing for a multilingual audience

APC members come from all over the world and speak more than twenty different languages. Here are some language resources for you to use:

  • Sample text with edits for a multilingual audience [pdf format] – This was a text written by the coordinator of an online consultation. We then edited it for a busy international audience who need to see the task immediately and do not have extra time to spend reading. Take a look at the comments by the editor by hovering your mouse over the highlighted words. She explains why she suggests certain changes.