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ICTs and environmental sustainability: Egypt baseline study

By Leila Hassanin & Nahla Hassan (May 2011, APC and Arabdev )

This report looks at how ICTs are being used in Egypt to mitigate and adapt to climate change as well as how e-waste is managed in the country. It documents the key stakeholders involved, offers an overview of the policy and legislative context, analyses challenges and trends, and identifies several key areas for civil society advocacy.

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ICTs and environmental sustainability: Costa Rica baseline study

By Coopearativa Sulá Batsú (May 2011, APC )

When the Central American Free Trade Agreement (CAFTA) was approved in Costa Rica in 2008, the telecommunications sector – previously a state monopoly – opened itself to the liberal economic market. This study looks at the different initiatives, policies and actors involved in environmental stability from the telecommunications sector and focuses on climate change and e-waste management.

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ICTs and environmental sustainability: Bangladesh baseline study

By Partha Sarker and Munir Hasan (June 2011, APC and Bytes for All )

Bangladesh, like many countries, is particularly vulnerable to climate change. This new report by Partha Sarker and Munir Hasan indicates that information and communications technologies (ICTs) and environmental sustainability issues are still not on Bangladeshi policy makers’ agendas.

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Planting the Knowledge Seed: Adapting to climate change using ICTs

By Patrick Kalas and Alan Finlay (September 2009, BCO )

Studies reveal that the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) makes up 2% of all global emissions – the same amount as the airline industry. By 2012, 4.5 billion people will have access to a mobile phone – the majority will be those live on less than USD 2 a day and be the most likely to be affected by climate change. Planting the Knowledge Seed – Adapting to climate change using ICTs a publication from the Building Communication Opportunities alliance, explores the practical linkages between climate change, access to and sharing of information and knowledge and communication for development

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E-waste challenges in developing countries: South Africa case study

By Alan Finlay (September 2005, APC )

This discussion paper, commissioned by the APC, aims to raise the profile of e-waste issues in developing countries so that the implications of information and communications technology (ICTs) for development initiatives can be better understood – particularly in the context of the increasing flow of old technology from developed to developing countries.

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