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This forum is a reflection of APC's experience of working with ICTs all-day-long (!*#@*!!). We deal with technical troubles, assist each other with finding solutions and come across nice new tools and hacks which make our life easier. In hope that it might make somebody else's life easier as well, we are sharing these questions and suggestions in these three sections:
  • Cool Tools features highlights of new tools we came across and found them nice and helpful for what we do
  • Troubleshootin' is a Q & A section on technical problems we stumble upon, and ways of solving them
  • Tips and Tricks features suggestions on making most of your computer and software
We don't aspire to cover everything nor give always the best answers, and we are aware that many skilled people maintain similar support forums elsewhere. This forum is simply a reflection of how we (APC members and APC staff) use, adore, hate, and struggle with technology.
Cool tools section features not-so-known tools which people in APC came across and found them useful. It covers both desktop applications, their plug-ins and extensions, as well as online tools and services
2 2 5 years 47 weeks ago
by karel
This section might contain answers to problems you are having with your computer and the applications. We are publishing issues (and eventually solutions to them) “as they come”, so there is no particular order or system. Look for headlines and tags relevant to the issue you are struggling with.
3 3 6 years 34 weeks ago
by jenny
Most of us are using only part of the potential of our computer and applications. Many operations can be done in several different ways, there are often workarounds which help with slow computer speed, low bandwidth we are on or annoying behavior of some applications... This section features tips and tricks on how to get best of your connectivity, equipment and applications.
3 4 4 years 4 weeks ago
by karel
Networking forum helps members to connect with other members over activities where it is necessary, easier or more effective to work in collaboration with others. The forum is a space to publish: * requests for assistance with projects * requests for services which other members might be able to help with finding in their regions * any other open requests or offers addressed to other APC members When adding a new topic to the forum, don't forget to mention the timeline of the activity/project, funds that are available (or needed) and all other details that help APC colleagues to assess if the call is "for them". Also make sure to leave a contact of the person who should be contacted by members interested in your call.
1 1 8 years 1 week ago
by karenb

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