Rural Knowledge Center (RKC) provide Data Operators to the Voter Registration and National ID Card on going program and facilita

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) participates actively in Voter Registration for preparing a fresh voter list with photographs and National Identity Card (NID) program through the Rural Knowledge Centre(RKC) taken by the Bangladesh Election Commission in the countrywide.

Observation of World Rural Women Day (WRWD)2007, We demand Right based food security,Not Import & Market Dependencies!

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Equity and Justice Working Group (EJWG) & Bangladesh : World Rural Women’s day National Committee organized a seminar at National Press club Conference hall demanding “Nature & Right based Food Security ”.

NepaLinux, Free Geek win int'l award


NepaLinux and Free Geek have been announced co-winners of APC Chris Nicol FOSS Prize 2007 in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Blogs Open Communication in Cambodia

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia

A Cambodian blogger asked recently
whether former King Norodom Sihanouk should be considered the country’s
founding father of blogging.
He got no definitive answer.
Cambodian blog watchers say the 84-year-old monarch may not have known
he was blogging when he unveiled his Web site, updated daily by his
staff since 2002 with his views on national affairs, correspondence
with his admirers and news about his film-making hobby.

Presenting evaluation results with creativity

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic

Training people to use GEM (Gender Evaluation Methodology) is always a challenge. There are lots of expectations about the results of this training. For the trainer, the usual finding is that evaluators very seldom take a gender perspective into account when planning a project or considering its results, unless they work in a gender unit or in a project that is already committed to women´s issues or related to equity goals. So after lots of discussions in plenary sessions, learning about gender issues and gender policies, and active group work, participants do want to show, through concrete examples, what they have learned about this tool. And this is where creativity plays a crucial role.

Panel considers internet access and freedom of expression

Montevideo, Uruguay

Graciela Selaimen of APC member organization RITS (Information Network for the Third Sector) was one of three panellists invited to speak about internet rights during the session Know your rights: Article 19 in cyberspace, on 7 October 2007, the first day of the International Freedom of Expression eXchange (IFEX) conference.

Forum Europe-China: IT systems on the age of the Internet

Liège, Belgium

Citizens in China and Europe from the academia, NGO, companies, government met in Liège (Belgium) to exchange perspectives and discuss on the topic of Information Society and the Internet in China and Europe. The workshop on “IT systems on the age of the Internet” (4-5 October) was the first step of the China-Europe Forum (6-7 October).

Nothing succeeds like success!


…So not only, Musharraf was exploiting public money but the money received purely for development purposes. Since Musharraf is "darling of the west", so am sure that nobody will question him or his Government on this outrageous expenditure and all the audits and reports will be cleared with no problems.

Pakistan: Keep the independent media at distance, they are trouble makers


Just got this punch that independent media will be kept at far far distance tomorrow from highly controversial, unethical and outrageous presidential elections in Pakistan. Only state owned media will cover these elections at the designated polling stations, and issue the footage or "official news" at their will, with no possibility of cross check by any independent source. This silly order has been issued by highly controversial, discredited, shameless Election Commission of Pakistan.

Pakistan: Freedom of expression like never before!


In Pakistan, its "freedom of expression like never before". This is the lead line of advertisements by the state owned media.

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