Wanted: toilet skills at the WSF


The private yet very important room! The toilet is one room that every human being — regardless of race, social status or gender — can never avoid. To most people, visiting the washroom requires high degree of secrecy. Yet, often, this secrecy is seldom given priority especially in public places.

Salamieh Community Telecentre Never forgets to celebrate the Christmas Eve with its dear special needs students

Never forgets to celebrate the Christmas Eve with his dear special needs children in Salamieh Community Telecentre

WSF coverage: Internet and power cuts derail publicity for the World Social Forum


The frequent power cuts and lack of internet has affected the coverage of the seventh edition of the World Social Forum. The following are voices of journalists on the ground at the Kasarani Media Centre, in Nairobi. Read the exclusive comments by journalists on the ground.

Economic impact of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS)

GOA, India

Michal Janda of E-Connect, Czech Republic reminded us of this interesting study about economic impact of free and open source (FOSS) available from
. E-Connect’s English pages are here

WSF coverage: A tale for two forums


Nairobi and the Swiss resort of Davos are set apart not only physically – ideologically too the Davos economic forum’s belief in conventional Trickle Down is a world apart from the WSF’s faith in building Another World.

Communication not a WSF priority


"Community-level media is a step towards democratisation, but it’s not enough … If 93 percent of the audience is still captive of the monopolistic structure of corporate media, we will make little progress in enhancing democracy". This was said while the forum is seen as unable to reach millions for lack of resources.

WSF coverage: What a day!


It was no ordinary day at the Forum yesterday. An angry crowd protested, stopped the traffic, and created confusion. It was the worthy WSF that found itself at the end of the of the protesters’’ anger. Some 200 them from the slums demanded to be let into the stadium, forcing Forum organiser Jose Chacon to order the giant metal gates open.

WSF coverage: Where do we go from here?


The WSF needs a broader audience than just those attending the forums urged a range of delegates debating its future. The future of the World Social Forum (WSF) itself came under scrutiny at a string of sessions Tuesday with participants making repeated calls for more grassroots involvement and a sharper focus in future years. There appeared to be a general consensus that the WSF was effective at providing spaces for debate and was useful to attendees, but there was concern that it lacked direction and tended to be too insular.

Freedom of expression under siege in Tunisia

London, United Kingdom

Repression of human rights in Tunisia, especially the freedom of expression, remains rampant, says a joint statement signed by several international communication organisations. It is the first time that this coalition of human rights organisations writes to incoming UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and expresses its concerns, a bit more than one year after Tunisia has hosted the World Summit on the Information Society.

Promoting women ability to use ICT

Syria- Salamieh Community Telecentre

Promoting women ability to use ICT

It’s my pleasure to share you a vital topic which , I do believe may open a vast area of discussion and exchange of ideas.

I intend to put forward the above mentioned topic" Promoting women ability to use ICT" For the following reasons. There is an increasing interest in women promotion all over the world especially in MENA region. Another, It’s one of the main targets in Salamieh Community Telecentre bridge the gap between women and man and digital divide. And I would like to discussion about subject for describe ways in which women have been able to use ICT and support individual women, by use the computer applications and access Internet for self-expression and for building connections in development society.

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