India looks out for models, skills on community radio

GOA, India

Looking at a few available models, social groups interested in entering the field of non-commercial 'community radio' broadcasting are actively assessing models for the same.

Give the WSF an African flavour

BERLIN, Germany

Wow! Here is a good analysis of why it's important that this year's WSF takes place in Africa. The Mail & Guardian article says: "Sometimes referred to as the "carnival of the oppressed", the WSF brings together those who oppose globalisation in its current form and international domination by capital, among others." Read the full article from the Mail & Guardian of South Africa.

Arab Commons – Creating the Arabic Digital Commons


On January 1 2007, the Arab Commons initiative was officially launched as an ambitious project to promote and support the creation and development of Arabic content released under Creative Commons licenses.

The Chaos in the Bazaar: The CCC kicks off

BERLIN, Germany

Hackers, young zit-faced teenagers, mid-aged technologists and enthusiastic social techies rallied behind the motto “Who Can You Trust?”. It’s called the Chaos Communications Congress (CCC) and attracts several hundred Central and Eastern Europeans, but also North Americans by now.

Wave of introspection turns to Fourth Estate's role in Asia ... after tsunami

BANGKOK, Thailand

When the history of the deadly Dec 26 Indian Ocean tsunami comes to be written, will the role of the media be praised, criticised or just seen as inadequate? "We didn't do a good job in warning people. But once the disaster hit, we did a good job in (spreading the world)," said Colombo-based TV journalist Nalaka Gunawardene.

Stories from the seas... children pay the price of the tsunami two years on

BANGKOK, Thailand

Eight children, eight stories. Some spell a tale of hope, others of despair. All are linked by a gigantic tidal wave now globally known as a tsunami that struck the Indian Ocean on Dec 26, 2004. Two years after the deadly day, the Colombo-based TVE Asia Pacific is distributing a film that tells the insightful story of the tragedy by marking the changes reflected in these young lives, across four countries, including India.

Film-making farmers

Leiden, Netherlands

The latest edition of Source: APC">ICT

Update magazine has just been published.

Cheap fibre coming to East Africa

The Kenyan Government

Dawn of the digital city


“It’s a go for the installation tomorrow, I know I’m last minute, but that’s the life of a ninja,” Alexis Cornellier, director of operations for the Montreal-based community Style information: N/a

Source: Wikipedia and "Wi4D, techies and campaigners look at potential for the social world" (APCNews, 1 December 2006).">wireless

network Île Sans Fil (ISF) wrote in an sms. ISF has now become a catalyst for the establishment of the digital city. Read the excellent article "Dawn of the Digital City" by Brendan K. Edwards in the pages of Siagu, an independent bi-monthly news and analysis magazine.

Basic Literacy Skills are a requirement in bridging the digital divide

Johannesburg, South Africa

In order to bridge the digital divide in Africa, one area that needs attention is imparting of basic literacy skills amongst the majority of the adult population, many of whom cannot read or write.

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