Pakistan: Freedom of expression like never before!


In Pakistan, its "freedom of expression like never before". This is the lead line of advertisements by the state owned media.

Bangladesh : Free flow of information can curb corruption Says Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) chief

Free flow of information can be a strong weapon in curbing corruption, Anti-Corruption Commission Chairman Lt Gen (retd) Hasan Mashhud Chowdhury said yesterday and hoped that the government would take measures to etablish the right to information.

Tell the geeks to stop developing software!!!


…. was one of the main conclusions of Ethan Zuckerman’s ‘killer’ presentation at the Web2forDev conference. "One thing all geeks love is developing software. Give a geek a free minute and he will start writing software" he says, although he himself is a geek and enthusiastic software developer. "Your task is to stop them!", he added.

Bangladesh: International Right To Know Day 2007


You are informed that September 28 is the International Right to Know Day. In recognition of the international right to know day In Bangladesh the day will be observed with full attention. Different NGOs/CSOs celebrate the day through different programs. I am mentioning here some programs:

Open up the Community Radio as Pilot basis: Ministry of Information formed a high level committee

BNNRC, Dhaka

Bangladesh NGOs Network for Radio and Communication (BNNRC) and with other Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) has been continuing advocacy with the Government for a long time to open up the Community Radio in Bangladesh.

WB, IMF blamed for holding back country's development

DHAKA, Bangladesh

A seminar on ‘Multi-Stakeholder National Consultation: CSOs and Aid Effectiveness’ was held in the city yesterday. The seminar was organised jointly by a research and advocacy organisation (and APC-member) VOICE and a global networking organisation ‘Reality of Aid’ at the Brac Centre, said a press release.

Shut-down campaign for British care workers goes back online and campaigners use new e-tactics

Montevideo, Uruguay

A couple of weeks ago we blogged that workers employed in care homes in

north London (UK) were told by their employer — a private company

called Fremantle — that their wages were being cut by 30%, their hours

increased, their sick pay become a thing of the past, and their

pensions reduced, triggering an <a href="">online campaign from LabourStart</a>

which was then taken offline following letters to LaborStart’s internet

service provider from Freemantle. The campaign continues. Read this

update from LabourStart.

EDRI General Assembly Reaffirms Current Course

Skopje, Macedonia

Delegates representing NGOs-members of the EDRI (European Digital Rights) network took part in the General Assembly (GA) in Berlin September 1-2, 2007, discussing current issues of interest and the overall functioning of the association.

Internet Forum - Continent to Send 20 Delegates


Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) in Africa are to send a 20-member
delegation to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Rio de Janeiro,
Brazil, in November 2007 to ensure that the African voices are heard.
Speaking on behalf of the CSOs, Ms Natasha Primo of the Association for
Progressive Communications (APC) said that the essence of bringing the
crusade to the largest gathering of pen-pushers on the continent was to
guarantee that African communicators were not left out.

Soweto Uprisings wins a new media award


Ismail Farouk scooped the winning prize in the “individual” category of the Highway Africa New Media Award 2007, for his website Soweto, which he describes as a “Google maps mash up”.

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