May First/People Link server hit with DoS attack

United States

Evidence attack was aimed at Palestine rights organisations

May First/People Link is a membership organisation dedicated to the defense of the internet and the sharing, among its members, of website and email resources, and joined APC as a member in 2013.

Asia Pacific stakeholders assert ‘Human rights should be the heart of internet governance discussion’


Annually since 2010, stakeholders coming from different countries in the Asia Pacific (AP) meet to discuss pertinent issues on internet governance.

CIPESA's reflections on the Third Africa Internet Governance Forum, 2014

Abuja, Nigeria

With the internet projected to reach almost 20 per cent of the Africa population in 2014, it becomes important to discuss modalities under which it should remain an open and reliable tool for development. It is with this background that Africa Internet stakeholders gathered in Abuja, Nigeria, July 10 -14, 2014 to deliberate on key internet governance issues affecting the continent.

Computing for women, by women in India


Students from LBS College for Women, Trivandrum hacking a hard disk at HackerSPACE. Photo: SPACEStudents from LBS College for Women, Trivandrum hacking a hard disk at HackerSPACE. Photo: SPACEAs part of its 10th anniversary activities, SPACE initiated programmes focusing on the ICT needs of women in both the technical and non-technical community.

Media Fact-Checking Service boosts quality of journalism


[img_assist|nid=19633|title=|desc=The Service’s nexus is the trilingual (Macedonian, Albanian and English) website, in addition to its social media presence, which during the year gathered over 10,000 fans and followers.

Publishing video advocacy stories of migrants in Malaysia


[img_assist|nid=19631|title=|desc=By supporting migrant workers to take the lead in telling their stories through video, EngageMedia invited audiences to gain a better understanding of their personal experiences, in order to weaken stereotypes and foster a climate of tolerance.

Digitally empowering girls in rural India


[img_assist|nid=19629|title=|desc=DEF welcomes girls from a nearby school to learn about computers in the village of Chandauli.

Colnodo promotes indigenous languages in ICTs, innovative tools in Colombia


[img_assist|nid=19627|title=|desc=Through the Digital Household project targeted to beneficiaries of the national government’s 100,000 Free Homes programme, 4,533 people received basic training in the use of computers and

Gender-based violence project in Cambodia nominated for UN award


[img_assist|nid=19621|title=|desc=Open Institute used ICT tools such as the Ushahidi mapping platform to track GBV online.

Using ICT to enhance community resilience to climate change impacts

Costa Rica

[img_assist|nid=19617|title=|desc=ICTs can enhance the capacity of communities to organise and respond to extreme weather events provoked by climate change…

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