Heritage content in Syrian countryside Memory

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Nabil Eid

Heritage content in Syrian countryside Memory .

As part of the Reefnet project in support social and heritage content and to pass memories of people in rural community.
The Reefnet launched new initiative titled “Syrian countryside Memory “ the new project began through portal community website and run by local groups of volunteers. www.reefnet.gov.sy
The project aimed to collect rural heritage content and conservation it in Syrian society.

Also, the project collected a content from portal community sites participating in the gateway community, and allows to all participants to amend and modification of the content for enrichment and improve information content, images, videos, publications and opening discussion to ensure of validity and accuracy of published information in order to reach accurate content and reliable local Syrian heritage .

the Strategic goals for project are to create opportunities that bring together Syrian countryside heritage interests and make groups share common in a supportive and collaborative in safe heritage, and raise the profile of rural heritage to safeguard, also celebrate heritage through activities that provide first hand experience of the life and times of Syrian rural past by local photographic, telling stories and record video activities.

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