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MANILA, Philippines

Reporting about the heat and dust of India, a GEM workshop, the Taj Mahal… and some links to colourful photos of the place too.
Checking in from Manila after a long trip … two workshops in Dhaka and Delhi, one donors meeting, one adventurous road trip through quite amazing towns and cities and lots of shopping trips.

I am sure that Cheekay and I can write a lot of blogs on the Indian art of selling …. anything, including a tiny non-airconditioned car to four tourists in 40+ degree heat!

The GEM workshop in Delhi was more successful that we expected. The IDRC program officers who attended said that we had it "pitched at a perfect level that works for everyone". What also made the difference is having the GEM manual for all the participants and for us facilitators.

…and our adventure was not unpleasant. we went on a road trip to Rajasthan and experienced state-of-the-art Indian driving.

We drove from Agra to Udaipur through the night and day and met gazillion trucks along the way, saw village life from the car, stopped in truckers pitstops and had the best tea in India.

We also went to Jodhpur and experienced desertlike heat but saw the most amazing fort and palaces.

Cheekay’s GEM workshop photos (Delhi)
Cheekay’s Agra photos, mostly of the Taj Mahal
Cheekay’s Rajasthan photos

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