Reefnet Project in Syria lunched Mobile Computer Lab (E-BAG)

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Nabil Eid
Salamieh Telecentre

Reefnet Project in Syria lunched Mobile Computer Lab (E-BAG)
Salamieh telecentre through Reefnet project aim to promote and connect rural people in Syrian community.
Tal-Aldarah is small village in west Salamieh – Syria, located about 13 Km from Salamieh, the village nearly has a population of over 6 thousand inhabitants.
The Mobile Computer Lab is equipped with develop technology through Reefnet project in Syria “ICT4Dev” came up with the idea of a mobile computer lab as a way to close the digital divide in rural areas. This mobile computer design through E-BAG to travels to schools or cultural centers and other community areas.
Hundreds of rural people (women, children, youth ) come to mobile computer lab for a chance to learn on computers. And for most, it’s their first real explore World Wide Web. The criteria for the selection of the rural area in Syrian community has to do with where find the largest digital gap. The project target rural women and children which no accessing to technology due to the places they live in and their social condition to cover the province in a better way and be able to reach many more rural women and children and allowing to gain training on ICT skills and connect to the internet.
What does E-Bag include?
Each mobile computer lab (E-Bag) equipped with all of the necessary hardware, software, internet connectivity, and technical support to enable shared computing environment.
Each of the labs include:
• 8 Asus Latitude laptops.
• 1 Video projector and slide screen.
• 1 Modem mobile to access internet services.
• 1 wireless access point.
• Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003
DVD-CD writer.
• Tables and chairs.
What about E-BAG initiative
“Lujen Wardeh” She is trainer in mobile computer lab she said “ I think this initiative is very important in rural areas it’s achieve more goals in strengthen the use of ICTs among rural people and build capacities in ICT use and application, and expand activities to reach out to women in the rural areas”.
“Madeha Abu Kasem” She is trainee in mobile computer lab she said:
“It’s a good chance for us that is happening here in “Tal Aldareh village” We explore the world through internet , really the world is small village. “
Opportunity to learn ICTs skills
E-BAG project aim to bring technology to even the remote areas in Syrian community and also to improve competitive advantage by providing the rural people who have never even seen a computer and provides them with a good opportunity to learn some basic computer skills and become part of the global digital world through ICT and ICT-enhanced education.
I think this project gives rural students and youth belonging to disadvantaged sectors access to education and IT opportunities.

Nabil Eid
ICT4D – Syria
Reefnet project- Salamieh Telecentre

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