The Congo Brazzaville: SMS to combat violence against women

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The government and the NGOs are working hand in hand to improve the status of women in the Congo Brazzaville. Various workshops have helped develop innovative action plans to fight against violence inflicted on women.

These projects use new information technologies that facilitate communication between different actors in these programmes. Today more than ever, Congolese women are determined to continue the struggle for emancipation.

Project APC- WNSP: millions of CFA Francs for the protection of women

Five selected projects that had been granted from 1.7 to 2.5 million CFA francs by the Funds “Take Back the Tech” of the APC Women’s Networking Support Programme were presented on 6th August at Digital Campus in Brazzaville, during the workshop organized by the NGO Azur Development.

The objective of these projects is to fight violence against women and girls. These projects also aim to educate and provide psychological support to young female students, students, disabled, and those infected by HIV / AIDS.

Among the targets of the projects are police, soldiers, policemen and women, as well as the media. The idea is to denounce and put an end to all uncivil acts, such as sexual harassment, domestic and physical violence via phone messages (SMS, MMS) or video projections and radio broadcasts.

Therefore, computer and Internet training will be given to victims of violence. The statistics on cases of violence of each project will be collected and published on the blog

The selected associations are the Dynamic Plural Association, the Women Solidarity Association in Brazzaville, the Youth Club Infrastructure and Development, the Legal Junior Counter in Pointe-Noire, and the Disabled without Borders in Pointe-Noire. They are considering working with high school girls on sexual harassment and educate teachers and students on the law Portella and Potignon, which prohibits the relationships between them.

The disabled will receive computer training, learn how to record sound with mobile phones and process images while importing audio and video material on the internet.

The Congolese woman determined to continue the struggle for emancipation

Following the 36th Pan African Women’s Day, celebrated on 31st July 31 2010 in Brazzaville, the Congolese government has embarked on a policy of “African Decade for Women”. The aim is to help Congolese women assert themselves in all sectors of society and create equality between the sexes. Many topics related to the place of women in education, health, communication, trade, agriculture, handicrafts, sports have been discussed.

Women call for the abolition of polygamy by decree in the Congo. They condemn the previous generations for accepting this law, included in the family code, which allows a man to marry several women.

Source: “Afriqueavenir“

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