Call to African language teams for localisiation: Tux paint, Pidgin, VLC, Pootle, Virtaal and Abiword

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Deadline: 26 July 2010
Call for applications: Language Teams
Organisation: African Network for Localisation (ANLoc)
Project: Localise Software
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The African Network for Localisation (ANLoc) – Localise Software sub-project is excited to announce a call for language teams to localise Free and Open Source Software into African languages.

ANLoc Localise Software sub-project is starting a new round of software localisation and is urgently seeking African language teams.

ANLoc’s mission is to empower Africans to participate in the digital age by removing the last inch limitations imposed on language usage by the limitation of technology.

We are achieving this by creating a network of African languages localisers who through various projects address these needs. This network and the sub-projects developed by its members are focused on empowering African languages practitioners to be skilled in these areas, forgoing short-term advances to ensure that African expertise is created for future localisation development.

Context of the project
The goal of the Localise Software sub-project is to localise existing Free Open Source applications into multiple African languages.

The language teams will be assisted with a small team of technical experts, who will help them with the different localisation processes for each of the applications they will be localising.

List of Open Source applications to be localised:

  • Tux paint (a multi-platform fun drawing program for children of all ages)
  • Pidgin (a multi-platform popular chat program)
  • Pootle (ANLoc’s web-based translation system)
  • Virtaal (ANLoc’s powerful multi-platform offline translation tool)
  • VLC (a multi-platform popular media player)
  • Abiword (a light weight multi-platform word processor)

Call for language teams applications
We are calling for language teams who want to become part of our network of African languages localisers and help us localise the above list of Open Source applications into any African language:

The project period starts from August 2010 until the end of January 2011, including localisation, review, testing, communication with the developers of the tools, and promotion of the localised applications to your community.

The Localise Software sub-project will award successful language teams with USD2,500 per team, to support the teams in promoting the outcome of their work to their local communities.

Moreover the best language team who succeeds in finishing the required tasks below, will be rewarded with a ticket and paid accommodation for one of their team members to attend the fourth ANLoc conference that will be held in early 2011 in Kenya, and become connected with a growing African localisation community.

We accept applications from individuals and organisations. You should apply as a language team. All applications should identify a team lead.

To localise the applications listed above, which involves the following

  • Translating the strings of each of these applications
  • Getting involved with the development/localisation teams of these applications
  • Uploading your work to our localisation server on a weekly basis
  • Sending a weekly progress email
  • Communicating with ANLoc Localise Software Tech Team and incorporating their feedback in your work
  • Actively participating in a collaborative process with the Tech Team and the other language teams, sharing tips, helping each other and documenting this process
  • Drafting a detailed proposal of how you will promote the outcome of your work to your community.

Detailed milestones can be found on here:

To apply:
All applications should be sent to with the subject title ‘Language Team Application’ by 26 July 2010.
Applications should comprise of:
1. Answers to the application questions that can be found here ;
2. A letter stating why you are interested in this call;
3. Localisation of 50% of the user interface of Tux paint (Consult

Please read the documentation pages on the localisation process if you want more details, or send any questions to

Successful applicants should have:

  • Experience in localising software
  • Proficiency in at least one African language in which they will be localising
  • Proficiency in one of these languages
  • Ability to read and communicate in English
  • Frequent internet access

Successful applicants will be notified by 2 August 2010.

For full details on the call for applications for African language
teams, please visit:

The African Network for Localisation (ANLoc)
ANLoc and the Localise Software sub-project have been made possible through funding from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

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