Argentinian's unequal access to the net

ROSARIO, Argentina

Danilo from APC member in Argentina, Nodo Tau, comments to the APC report "Reduce the cost of international Source: TechSoup Glossary and">internet

Danilo from APC member in Argentina, Nodo Tau, has read the APC contribution paper "Reduce the cost of international internet connectivity" whose abstract starts with "In Argentina, APC Internet Rights Charter">internet access

averages 13 dollars a month and almost a fifth of the population are online whereas in Sudan internet access costs 160 USD a month and only 9 people in a thousand are online."

He comments, "Only to clarify, in Argentina this price is for the big cities. There are a lot of a small towns in rich states (provincias) which don't have connection to the network and a big part of our national territory in which this scenario is repeated."

"For us it is important to make this distinction. It is also important to say that today, the richest 10 % of the population earns 36 times more than poorest 10 %," he specifies.

APC recommendations to the Internet Governance Forum (IGF)

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