Alaa still in prison


Alaa is fine, treatment is fine in prison..the problem is in the "government" in this glossary). As a general rule, "state" should not be capitalised.

Source: Governance for sustainable human development: A UNDP policy document (Glossary of key terms) and Wikipedia">state

"African journalists trained in how to communicate securely online" (APCNews and Toni Eliasz, 30 September 2004), Take Back the Tech! and APC Internet Rights Charter">security

.. they can interfere with any other authorities.
Alaa is fine, treatment is fine in prison..the problem is in the state security.. they can interfere with any other authorities.

We were starting to be optimistic after the state security prosecutor ordered the release of 8 last saturday and then a release of another 5 last tuesday, so we thought that they will release the rest in the next few days..but last thursday they kidnapped two of the eight who have been released on saturday (and actually got their freedom back on monday). They were severely beaten, one of them was sexually abused and afterwards they were taken to the state security prosecutor who gave them 15 days and refused to transfer them to a hospital or even to let a doctor in to give them first aid, although one of them felt that he had a broken rib and had blood in his urine..u can read the translation of his testimony here:

btw both of them are bloggers too.

So right now I dont know what will happen, at least Alaa is safe but I'm afraid of what will happen to him when he gets out, especially that when u get the release order u stay a couple of days transferred between different authorities and police stations and state security offices were u are treated very badly, threatened and abused while no one knows where u are even ur lawyers (thats what happened to those who were released last tuesday).

A Letter from Mohamed el-Sharqawi, one of the kidnapped bloggers

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