Advisory Council Approves Right to Information Ordinance,2008 in Bangladesh

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AHM Bazlur Rahman-S21BR
Dhaka, Bangladesh

Advisory Council Approves Right to Information Ordinance,2008

Dhaka, Sept 20

The council of advisers today gave its final approval to the Right to Information (RTI) Ordinance 2008, aimed at ensuring free flow of information to the people. The new law requires officials concerned to provide primary report on a person’s life and death, arrest and release from jail to an information-seeker in 24 hours. “If any assigned officer does not provide information to an information-seeker as per the law, they will be fined Tk 50 per day, but it will not exceed Tk 5000 in total,” says a provision of the ordinance.

“The Right to Information Ordinance 2008 has been finally approved,” Fahim Munaim told reporters after a cabinet meeting at the CA’s office. “As per the ordinance the related officials will supply primary information on issues including arrests and releases within 24 hours.”

The ordinance keeps a provision for fines up to Tk 5,000 if the concerned official does not provide the proper information. The cabinet on June 18 approved the ordinance provisionally. The caretaker government has said the ordinance is meant to ensure people’s right to information and to increase accountability of government institutions and curb corruption and establish good governance.

The RTI is also aimed at reducing corruption in government and government-funded institutions. A three-member Information Commission will be formed for effective enforcement of the law. The commission will have financial independence and will not require government permission prior to spending its budgetary allocation.

AHM. Bazlur Rahman-S21BR
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