Each APC member organisation appoints two representatives to APC Council. One is designated as the primary representative (the designated voting representative) and one as the secondary representative. Member organisations may change their designated voting representatives at any time by writing to the secretary of the board. Want to find out more about how APC is governed?

For a complete listing of our members, go to our members section. Click on the links below to see the council representatives for each member organisation.


liz's picture
Liz Probert
Web developer
Cedric Knight

Institute for Global Communications (IGC)

markgraham's picture
Mark Graham
Erika Smith
Women's Rights Project Associate
Daniel Pimienta
Maicu Alvarado V.
Coordinador - Tecnologías de la Información para el Desarrollo
Gabriela Perona
Arthit Suriyawongkul

Foundation for Media Alternatives (FMA)

alalegre's picture
Al Alegre
Executive Director
directeur exécutif
Randy Tuano


Indu Nepal
Andrew Lowenthal

Asociación Trinidad Comunicación, Cultura y Desarrollo

Arturo Enzo Bregaglio

Korean Progressive Network Jinbonet

origin2k's picture
Eugene Lee
antiropy's picture
Byoung-il Oh

Women of Uganda Network (WOUGNET)

Dorothy Okello
moseso's picture
Moses Owiny
Information & Youth ICT4D Officer


Carlos Alvarez


ssiyam's picture
Sylvie Siyam
amomeni's picture
Avis Momeni
Secretary General
Secrétaire Général

Collaboration on International ICT Policy for East and Southern Africa (CIPESA)

Vincent Bagiire
Lillian Nalwoga

Community Education Computer Society (CECS)

Arnold Pietersen

Southern African NGO Network (SANGONeT)

dbarnard's picture
David Barnard
Executive Director


mlambert's picture
Michel Lambert
Executive director


jnguo's picture
James Nguo
Regional director


Steve Zeltzer
Job Title

Bytes for All

Partha Partha
fn's picture
Frederick Noronha
sahmad's picture
Shahzad Ahmad

Web Networks

ozielke's picture
Oliver Zielke
Executive Director
ramya's picture
Ramya Ramanathan

Núcleo de Pesquisas, Estudos e Formação - Nupef

gselaimen's picture
Graciela Selaimen
Communication Officer, Capacity Building and Project Coordinator
Carlos Afonso

StrawberryNet Foundation

Mihaly Bako


Ahmed Swapan Mahmud
Executive Director

Fantsuam Foundation

John Dada
Theresa Tafida


Leila Hassanin


Reza Salim

OneWorld Platform for Southeast Europe Foundation (OWPSEE)

valentina's picture
valentina pellizzer
executive directress
Aida Mahmutović

BlueLink Information Network

Pavel Antonov


leandro's picture
Leandro Navarro
lorena's picture
Lorena Merino

Open Institute

Chim Manavy's picture
Chim Manavy
Executive Director


Alice Munyua
Grace Githaiga

AZUR Développement

Blanche Zissi
Assistante aux programmes et Finances

Fundación Escuela Latinoamericana de Redes - EsLaRed

Lourdes Pietrosemoli
Edmundo Vitale


Tshepo's picture
Tshepo Thlaku
Programme Manager


ArielBarbosa's picture
Ariel Barbosa
Coordinador de Proyectos Web
Web Projects Coordinator
jcasasbuenas's picture
Julian Casasbuenas G.

Metamorphosis Foundation

metamorphosis's picture
Bardhyl Jashari
Elena Ignatova

May First/People Link

Alfredo Lopez
Hilary Goldstein


Eunice Mwesigwa

Society for Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE)

Lalitha P
Raji P R

ONG Derechos Digitales

albertoc's picture
Alberto Cerda
Director de Asusntos Internacionales
International Affairs Director
Paz Peña
Directora de comunicaciones
Communications director

Nodo Tau

Florencia Roveri

Computer Aid International

Keith Sonnet

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Find out who were the council representatives, executive board members and APC staff team in previous years. Files are available on the bottom of this page.