Communications, media and promotions

APC’s communications, media and promotions management system is split up into a number of work areas:

Content production and publication

APC’s niche is ICTs for social justice and sustainable development. We publish our stories and publications on this website and in our twice-monthly newsletter APCNews and her sister newsletters APCNoticias in Spanish and APCNouvelles in French. We focus on telling real-life stories of people using technology to promote development and social equality.

We produce many publications each year. Major publications include Global Information Society Watch. Our specialisation in the last few years are news articles which popularise the findings of our original research often carried out in areas where few people have a handle on what’s happening. For example this research on digital migration in Africa or this research on the opening up of spectrum worldwide which could improve internet access for millions.

Our original content adheres to a multilingual editorial policy and language-specific house style guides.


APC has been providing original content in English and Spanish on ICTs for development and social justice since 1999. This website launched in early 2008 moved us into content production in French.

We have produced training materials in Arabic and working with APC members the internet rights charter has been translated into more than twenty languages including Russian, Bengali, Urdu, Khmer, Macedonian and the African languages of Jju and Hausa.


APC is a major reference point for the media world-wide as the world’s oldest, progressive, international network promoting the use of internet for a better, more just world.

We work with a variety of alternative and established media, through our press lists and personal contacts. We are proud to have had IPS as a media partner on several occasions.

Technical support

The communications team is responsible for ensuring the reliability of APC’s communications platforms, email and lists.

Monitoring and evaluation

The team carries out periodic evaluations of APC communications vehicles [Ed. private link] to analyse the extent to which we are meeting our primary communications goals.


  • mallory's picture
    Mallory Knodel
    Communications and network building manager
    Mallory integrates a human rights, people-centred approach to communications and technology work for social movements around the world. Since the beginning of 2012, Mallory has been the communications and network development manager for the Association for Progressive Communications (APC). And since 2008 has been a member of May First/People Link and on MFPL's leadership committee. Originally from the US but living in Quebec, she has worked with grassroots organisations around the world in Bolivia, France, Palestine, UK. She's used free software professionally for over 10 years and considers herself a "radical technologist," specializing in cybersecurity. Her background in community organizing with social justice groups also extends beyond a decade.
  • adolfo's picture
    Adolfo Dunayevich
    Technical consultant
    Adolfo works at the comms team, as technical support assistant
  • Elvira Truglia
  • flavia's picture
    Flavia Fascendini
    APC specialist editor
    Flavia lives in Pergamino, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Her background is in journalism and she is currently the editor in Spanish and Portuguese for
  • karel's picture
    Karel Novotný
    Member collaboration and knowledge sharing coordinator
    Karel lives in Prague and is a sociologist by profession. He has been with the APC since 2004 and is in charge of initiatives that promote the strategic use of ICTs, such as the Chris Nicol FOSS prize and Web 2.0 and community wireless networks.
  • Lori Nordstrom
  • seti's picture
    Sarah Escandor-Tomas
    Technical & systems administrator
    Seti is a hard-core techie who has been working as a developer since 1990. She primarily takes care of the APC WNSP and APC websites, and also helps develop webspaces for other APC projects, out of her home in the Philippines. She also works with the project managers to develop the web spaces particularly for the APC women's programme which is how Sarah first joined APC.

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