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Online privacy and data protection consultancy firm ‘80/20 Thinking’ is partnering with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC) since the beginning of 2008. The aim of the partnership is to support initiatives in developing countries that are working towards strengthening democratic processes and civil liberties.

Fifty percent of 80/20 Thinking’s profits will be managed and distributed by APC under the agreement. The partnership will offer a form of independent income that we can be used to further APC’s internet rights agenda.

80/20 Thinking, as network of advisors and consultants, helps firms such as Facebook, Yahoo, and AOL to deal “proactively and ethically with the challenges they face.” This includes providing a wide spectrum of privacy training and services: from the creation of Privacy Impact Assessments through to in-company, consulting services, risk assessments and general enrollment training courses.

APC has worked with some of 80/20 Thinking’s professionals during the United Nations initiated Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in the last two years. Online privacy and security trainings have also been conducted together in Asia. APC’s Karen Banks has worked with 80/20 Thinking professionals since the late 1990s on internet rights and civil liberties issues. Gus Hosein, on of 80/20 Thinking’s main avisor has even contributed to several APC publications. Over time, they have become strong allies of APC, providing support, advice and guidance for staff and members.

Information about the 80/20 Thinking, it’s work, it’s people and it’s ethics, can be found here:

The latest article about 80/20 Thinking can be read in the Financial Times

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